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PV90-3 ac-400hz


The latest generation aircraft such as the Boeing 787 with electric air-conditioning packs and electric start can demand 90 kW from a 90 kVA FEGP inst...

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PV45 ac-400hz


The PV45 GPU improves on the successful PV40 GPU with increased power output as well as many additional features....

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Gibraltar Airport Emissions Reduced thanks to PV90-3 Frequency Converter

Selected against strong competition and based on a combination of price and unique features, Powervamp Ltd was awarded the contract for Gibraltar Airport’s new 90 Kva mobile electric converters.

Birmingham Airport Orders Additional PV90-3 Frequency Converters

Powervamp is pleased to announce Birmingham International Airport, the UK’s fourth busiest airport, has placed another order for the PV90-3 fixed electrical ground power units for its airside operation.

Virgin Atlantic install PV90-3 Frequency Converters at London Heathrow

Powervamp is pleased to announce the supply of six PV90-3 90kVA/90kW frequency converters to the Virgin Atlantic maintenance facility at London Heathrow.

PV90-3 GPU Provisioned to Inflite, Stansted

Inflite is a well known and highly regarded MRO with bases at Stansted and Southend Airports, UK.

Powervamp Support Team Keep ‘Sumburgh Search & Rescue’ Flying

The Powervamp support team is probably one of the most valued services we offer as an organisation.

Powervamp Supply PV-45 Frequency Converter to CHC Helicopters

In November 2013 CHC Helicopters, Aberdeen contracted Powervamp to supply a PV-45 45kVA frequency converter for their East Hangar maintenance operation at ABZ.

Rolls Royce re-order EF20 Static Frequency Converter

Rolls Royce recently approached Powervamp with a repeat requirement for their Bristol aviation facility.

Panasonic UK Repeat Order for EF20 Frequency Converter

Powervamp is pleased to announce that Panasonic UK have placed a second order for a further 6 x EF20-SFC frequency converters.