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Powervamp’s Effekta range of Static Frequency Converters employ high frequency PWM technology (IGBT’s) to achieve a high quality output under all load conditions. The systems are designed with PFC (Power Factor Correction), thereby reducing input current and harmonic distortion.



5.0 - 200kVA static frequency converter offering input/output flexibility and ability to be ...

  • Maximum output 250kVA
  • Adjustable output frequency
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Sine wave output
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3.2kVA-40kVA single phase output static frequency converter system providing a high quality single ...

  • Adjustable Output Frequency
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Sine Wave Output
  • Single or three phase input
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Powervamp’s AC programmable power supplies are designed for industrial product testing, avionics ...

  • Standard 19 inch rack construction
  • Low distortion sine wave output
  • Selectable output voltage range
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Case Studies

Effekta Hits All The Right Notes!

What started out as yet another enquiry for the Sales Team at Effekta UK, turned into something memorable for all those involved.

Powervamp Launch Programmable Power Supply.

Powervamp’s has launched its new AC programmable power supply range designed for industrial product testing, avionics work, power conversion, automatic test equipment and military applications.

Rolls Royce re-order EF20 Static Frequency Converter

Rolls Royce recently approached Powervamp with a repeat requirement for their Bristol aviation facility. The order for the EF20 single phase 400HZ static frequency converter is to be installed within their aviation engine production line in Filton, Bristol.

Panasonic UK Repeat Order for EF20 Frequency Converter

Powervamp is pleased to announce that Panasonic UK have placed a second order for a further 6 x EF20-SFC frequency converters.

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