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TRU 2400-2

Compact and easily manoeuvrable 28V DC power supply housed in an all weather powder coated stainless steel case. TRU 2400-2 will supply 600A continuous power and up to 2400A overload.

  • Continuous 28V DC / 600A
  • 2400A starting current
  • Power coated cart with alloy panels
  • IP55 protection
  • Solid state design
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Integral voltmeter / ammeter
  • Output current regulated to 1%

Product Information

Product Information

The Powervamp TRU 2400-2 offers a compact and easily manoeuvrable 28V DC power supply. Housed in an all-weather (IP55) stainless steel enclosure, the TRU 2400-2 will supply 600A continuous power and up to 2400A overload.

The unit is designed for use all over the world, even in the most extreme and hostile environments. Costing a fraction of the price of a diesel GPU, and with negligible running and maintenance costs, the TRU 2400 is the silent and environmentally right choice whilst also reducing costs and improving the airport operating environment.

The TRU 2400-2 has been designed with additional thyristor control before the transformer, thus offering a higher output signal with less AC ripple than other manufacturers’ models. As modern aircraft systems demand higher quality power signals this offers operators and MROs peace of mind that the TRU 2400 will efficiently provide ground power to all aircraft types requiring 28V DC.

The Powervamp philosophy of using high quality and generously sized components and stainless steel enclosures means our customers can rely on our equipment for many years.

Supplied with:

4m Hard Wired Nato Lead

4m Hard Wired Nato Lead

Spare Wheel

Spare Wheel

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Typical power plant*

PT6C-67, Makila, TFE 731, ALF 502, HTF7000, RR Tay, or power plants of a similar specification

GA Pack GA Pack GA Pack

All Features

Product information

  • Solid state design
  • Corrosion resistant galvanised frame
  • Cable stowage
  • Hourmeter and current selector
  • 400mm (16in) pneumatic tyres
  • 2400A overload protection
  • Unique 'wake/sleep' feature
  • 12 pulse rectification

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Input:Voltage 3-phase 200–480V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rectification 6 pulse
Line current 30A @ 400V
Efficiency 90%
OUTPUT: Voltage 28.5V (adjustable)
Current 600A (2400A peak)
Output voltage 21–31V
Voltage regulation <0.5%
Voltage ripple <1%
Case Alloy panels, steel frame
Height 710mm (28in)
Length 1060mm (42in)
Width 720mm (28in)
Weight 220kg (485lbs)
Output cable 4-metre (13ft) double-insulated 70mm sq

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