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Coolspool Hybrid 300

Small high-efficiency three cylinder diesel engine able to run on diesel or jet A1 fuel, direct coupled to a generator. Depending on specification, this provides continuous AC or DC power and very high amperage for starting turbines or powering aircraft systems for short duration by using internal batteries.

  • 5000 peak amps
  • 300A continuous current
  • Support 24V/26V and 28.5V DC systems
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Suitable for aircraft hanger use
  • Three cylinder Kubota D902 engine
  • 110V/230V 50/60Hz power outlets
  • -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F) operating temperature

Product Information

Product Information

Powered by a 3-cylinder, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, fully Tier IV compliant, the Coolspool Hybrid 300 is designed to provide continuous power for avionics and to start the engines on all DC turbine and turboprop aircraft. Coolspool users benefit from a compact unit, user friendly controls and very low operating costs, with the further advantage of low dBA signature and reduced CO2 emissions. Normally, a diesel GPU four times the size of the Coolspool Hybrid 300 is necessary to deliver the peak amperage for starting large turbines.

The Coolspool Hybrid 300 achieves the same starting performance using a 900cc (55 cu In) Kubota diesel engine coupled to a powerful generator powering 3 x 100amp 28V DC power supplies. These operate in parallel with a bank of high discharge batteries that provide instant ripple free power for turbine starting and aircraft loads exceeding 300 amps.

The Coolspool Hybrid 300 is suitable for all types of operation, including offshore helicopter operations, FBO and maintenance organisations and daily regional airline use. Where multiple departures of large regional aircraft – such as the Q400 or ATR – are scheduled, the Coolspool Hybrid 300 can be fitted with Powervamp’s ‘PBS’ (Power Boost System). The PBS sustains voltage during the critical initial start sequence on large turboprop aircraft with shaft or free turbine engines, thereby ensuring a fast, cool start while maximising battery life.

No other GPU delivers the versatility and convenience of Powervamp’s Coolspool Hybrid 300. This compact and efficient diesel GPU also provides single phase AC output to enable ground staff to operate vacuum cleaners or other equipment during night servicing.

In a hangar or confined space, the Coolspool Hybrid 300 engine can be shut down. A selector switch isolates the generator and allows external 3-phase AC power to be connected from a suitable utility supply. The full output from the Coolspool Hybrid 300 is then available with the external power source constantly maintaining the batteries in a full state of charge.

Available in various configurations and in series production over 17 years, with sales to several armed forces, the Coolspool Hybrid 300 is the civil version of Powervamp’s DC GPU. It is designed for operators requiring versatile, standalone, high output DC power at a fraction of the cost of a conventional diesel GPU.

Supplied with:

4m Hard Wired Nato Lead

4m Hard Wired Nato Lead

Spare Wheel

Spare Wheel

Wheel Brake System

Wheel Brake System

Typical power plant*

PT6C-67, ALF 502, TPE331, TFE 731, AE3007A, or power plants of a similar specification

Scammer 300

Pre-flights: All DC business jets, small commuters. Air-con: up to 400 amps continuous, peak to 1400 amps, short term 200–400 amps until voltage limit warning.

Turbine starting: All DC business jets

All Features

All Features

  • Up to 5000 peak amps for aircraft starting
  • Support 24/26V and 28.5V DC systems
  • Up to 300 amps continuous at 28.5V DC
  • Additional 110V/230V 50/60Hz power outlets for general ramp use
  • Shore power capability for aircraft maintenance supply within hangar
  • Ability to recharge external ground power units via power output socket
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport between operational bases
  • Simple to service and maintain
  • Modular designs to suit operator requirements
  • Reverse current protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Complies with ISO 6858

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Peak amps 5000A
Nominal voltage Batteries 24V DC/power supply 28V DC
Standing voltage 25.6V DC
Amp/hour capacity 228Ah (other options available)
Operating temp -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F)/td>
Case Galvanised steel frame with alloy panels
Control panel LCD screen provides detailed information of different parameters. Large rubber ON/OFF buttons for easy operation
Aircraft cable Different options available: 4m (13ft), 6m (20ft) and 8m (26ft) with heavy-duty rubber Nato connector
Output current 300A continuous
Input voltage 190–200V AC or 380–415V AC / 50–60Hz (only in Mains mode with the engine turned Off)
Input current 32A @ 400V AC; 32A @ 200V AC/ 3-phase (only in Mains mode with the engine turned Off)
Cooling Forced ventilation
Forklift points 2 forklifting points on both sides
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 33 litres (7 gallons)
Aux output 115V AC 60Hz / 230V AC 50Hz
Dimensions L 1900mm (75in) W 970mm (38in) H 1130mm (45in)
Weight 538kg (1186lb) for a dry unit with 4m output cable


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