Emergency lighting central battery system


Emergency lighting plays an essential role in all public buildings and workspaces.

In the event of a power failure, the emergency lighting central battery system switches over to battery power. Not only must the lighting be restored seamlessly, but the emergency system must also be able to maintain an acceptable lux level (brightness) for long enough to allow people to leave the premises safely. In most cases this is likely to be either one hour or three hours.

Under UK law, there is an obligation for public buildings to be equipped with emergency lighting. Powervamp’s Effekta Range of emergency lighting power systems are designed to fulfil these obligations reliably and efficiently.

Like all life safety systems, the central battery system must be maintained periodically to ensure reliable operation in the event of emergency. Central battery maintenance is far less disruptive when compared with self-contained type installations (battery housed within the light fitting). This is an important consideration when designing emergency lighting systems for busy areas e.g. airports, shopping centres or areas where the light fittings are not easily accessible such as warehouses and industrial buildings.


Battery life is extended with central battery systems due to the use of 10-year life maintenance-free batteries, which reduces the cost and frequency of battery replacement.

Powervamp’s Effekta Range of emergency lighting power systems are typically supplied with AC (alternating current) output, this type of central battery system is often referred to a static inverter. Powervamp also offer systems with DC (direct current) output for legacy system replacement.



The Effekta EF 5 ELI performs automatic load tests of the luminaires by monitoring the current they draw. There is no requirement for additional control wiring making the EF5 system a very cost-effective alternative to a fully addressable installation.

Ratings start at 150VA increasing to 1500VA and can be used with standard mains light fittings. Four fused load paths with earth leakage detection can be monitored giving the user defined areas in which to easily locate faulty luminaires. Load flexibility allows any one load line to be maintained, non-maintained or switched.

EF20 ELI & EF33 ELI.

Systems can be configured as either passive or active standby and with contactor or static switch changeover (suitable for discharge lamps). In addition, high fault clearance can be achieved by configuring the output stage to suit the required fault current. With smaller systems, the batteries are housed within the system enclosure with separate battery enclosures or cladded battery stands for larger systems.


The Effekta EF 20 CBS is a product designed to replace legacy central battery systems which typically require output voltages of 50, 110 or 220 volts. This type of system provides AC during mains operation, reverting to DC during mains failure. With smaller systems, the batteries are housed within the system enclosure with separate battery enclosures for larger systems.

Powervamp offers advice on emergency lighting installation, and can provide essential ongoing maintenance support over the life of the system – whether it is our Effekta Range system or that of another manufacturer.


Powervamp can offer a range of services before, during and after

Site Surveys are required to ensure the correct solutions are identified. Our engineers can carry out free of charge surveys and provide in-depth technical advice on Powervamp products ensuring the best possible solution for your requirement.

Our site survey covers all aspects from deciding which system best suits the application to the practical elements including delivery, installation and commissioning requirements.

Commissioning is the final and arguably the most important step in completing the installation of your Powervamp system. Powervamp engineers are factory trained to commission emergency lighting central battery systems, static inverter systems, static frequency converters and ground power units.

Comprehensive checks are carried out to ensure your Powervamp system is installed correctly and operates in accordance with relevant safety and performance standards. Our SafeContractor approved service department can assist with site handovers, training and guidance as part of commissioning works.

Turnkey Solutions offer total peace of mind for our customers, as it allows us to be involved every step of the way from concept to completion.

We understand our products and how best to install them. Our projects team are on hand to coordinate a multitude of internal resources as well as sub- contractors for logistics and installation, should the need arise.

Product Support is offered by Powervamp engineers supporting Powervamp products. As a British manufacturer we stand by our products offering cost-effective support and maintenance, ensuring your system’s life-cycle is maximised.

We truly believe that they key to our success is working with our customers, creating a mutually beneficial partnership which will hopefully lead to repeat business in the long-term.

In today’s competitive markets, manufacturers/resellers often sell equipment at low margins only to ‘sting’ their customers with extortionate maintenance costs. Powervamp adopts a more balanced approach and therefore we urge our potential customers to check through-life costs before making any final commitments to new/replacement systems.

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