Powervamp’s Effekta Static Frequency Converters employ high frequency PWM technology (IGBT’s) to achieve a high quality output under all load conditions. The systems are designed with PFC (Power Factor Correction), thereby reducing input current and harmonic distortion.

Power frequency converter

Frequency converters are used to enable adjacent power grids to exchange charge by converting bulk AC power from one frequency to another. They have many applications, including:

Powervamp’s Effekta range of static inverters goes above and beyond EN50171:2001 compliance. The EN50171:2001 is the piece of legislation which regulates charger circuits, change over devices and system outputs.
They’re capable of:

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EF33 SFC<br/><small>Static Frequency Converter</small>

Static Frequency Converter

5.0 - 200kVA static frequency converter offering input/output flexibility and ability to be ...

  • Maximum output 250kVA
  • Adjustable output frequency
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Sine wave output
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EF20 SFC<br/><small>Static Frequency Converter</small>

Static Frequency Converter

3.2kVA-40kVA single phase output static frequency converter system providing a high quality single ...

  • Adjustable Output Frequency
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Sine Wave Output
  • Single or three phase input
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EF1 PPS <br/><small>Programmable AC Power System</small>

Programmable AC Power System

Powervamp’s AC programmable power supplies are designed for industrial product testing, avionics ...

  • Standard 19 inch rack construction
  • Low distortion sine wave output
  • Selectable output voltage range
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