Coolspool combination


As FBOs, MROs, and small regional airports are constantly being asked to maximise their ground support equipment budgets, Powervamp has identified a market for a cost-effective power DC power solution and developed its 2-in-1 range of Coolspool Combination ground power units (GPUs).

These compact and powerful GPUs offer the flexibility of a constant 28V DC power supply for avionics and software programming with the addition of high-discharge batteries for turbine starting.

The Coolspool Combination range of GPUs have been designed to meet the power requirements of the latest generation DC turbine and and turboprop aircraft and are intended to compliment the already well established Coolspool GPU range of hand portable units and award winning heavy duty battery carts.

Coolspool Combination Control Panel

The spacious display includes power status LEDs, output voltage, current indicators and battery charge status.

The Coolspool Combination is available in three different power output configurations – 100Amps, 200Amps or 300Amps to cater for the power requirements of the majority of DC aircraft. Each model is equipped with an integral cable stowage tray and is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre due to its heavy duty polyurethane casters.

The battery isolated switch and sealed lead acid batteries ensure the GPU is cleared for air transportation and each model is supplied with a Nato output lead set and hard wired input cable as standard.

Each Coolspool Combination GPU can be used inside a hangar or outside on the ramp, by plugging in to an external supply input or utilising its own DC battery power for turbine starting.

The well proportioned display, with easy-to-read voltmeter and ammeter allows the operator to be well informed of the power output at all times.

Coolspool Combination Features

Numerous features make the Coolspool Combination range ideal for MROs, FBOs and airports requiring a flexible DC GPU.

The Powervamp Coolspool Combination range of ground power units are available from our worldwide DC distributor, AERO Specialties and their accredited distributors.

Full technical specification on the Coolspool Combination range can be viewed on our data sheet HERE.

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