Emergency Lighting Central Battery Systems

Powervamp is pleased to announce the launch of its latest emergency lighting central battery systems brochure covering both products and services.  The brochure features the Powervamp Effekta range of products, including the EF5 ELI, EF20 ELI, EF33 ELI, and EF20 CBS products and accessories as well as details of previous installations.

What is ‘Emergency Lighting’?

Emergency lighting plays an essential role in all public buildings and workspaces – in the event of a power failure, the emergency lighting central battery system switches over to battery power. The lighting must be restored seamlessly whilst being able to maintain an acceptable lux level (brightness) for long enough to allow people to leave the premises safely.

Hospital and hotel

Under UK law, there is an obligation for public buildings to be equipped with emergency lighting. Powervamp’s Effekta Range of emergency lighting power systems are designed to fulfil these obligations reliably and efficiently.

“Powervamp systems are manufactured in the UK and supported by a team of dedicated factory trained engineers…”

As with all life safety systems, the central battery system must be maintained periodically to ensure reliable operation in the event of emergency. Central battery maintenance is far less disruptive when compared with self-contained type installations (battery housed within the light fitting).

This is an important consideration when designing emergency lighting systems for busy areas e.g. airports, shopping centres or areas where the light fittings are not easily accessible such as warehouses and industrial buildings.

Office block

Battery life is extended with central battery systems due to the use of 10-year life maintenance-free batteries, which reduces the cost and frequency of battery replacement.

Powervamp systems are manufactured in the UK and supported by a team of dedicated factory trained engineers who can also offer a range of additional services such as commissioning, site surveys, specific product support and even complete turnkey solutions.

For more information, download the Emergency Lighting Central Battery Systems brochure here

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