What are emergency lighting central battery systems?

Emergency lighting central battery systems play an essential role in all public buildings and workspaces.

In the event of a power failure, the emergency lighting central battery system switches over to battery power. Not only must the lighting be restored seamlessly, but the emergency system must also be able to maintain an acceptable lux level (brightness) for long enough to allow people to leave the premises safely. In most cases this is likely to be either one hour or three hours.

Under UK law, there is an obligation for public buildings to be equipped with emergency lighting. Powervamp’s Effekta Range of emergency lighting power systems are designed to fulfil these obligations reliably and efficiently.

“…Effekta central battery systems will maintain light levels at maximum brightness during a mains failure…”

Like all life safety systems, the central battery system must be maintained periodically to ensure reliable operation in the event of emergency. Central battery maintenance is far less disruptive when compared with self-contained type installations (battery housed within the light fitting).

This is an important consideration when designing emergency lighting systems for busy areas e.g. airports, shopping centres or areas where the light fittings are not easily accessible such as warehouses and industrial buildings.

Powervamp emergency lighting

Operating theatres must have instant emergency power back-up to facilitate a safe completion of the operation.

Battery life is extended with central battery systems due to the use of 10-year life maintenance-free batteries, which reduces the cost and frequency of battery replacement.

Powervamp systems are manufactured in the UK and supported by our factory trained engineers.

For areas which are considered high risk, the required light levels are significantly higher than for general emergency lighting. This is difficult to achieve using self-contained light fittings as the light output is reduced when in battery mode (power failure).

“…Powervamp central battery systems are well suited to LED installations as there is often no space for local battery packs…”

An Effekta lighting central battery system will maintain light levels at maximum brightness during a mains failure, reducing the number of fittings required for these areas.

Emergency lighting is a requirement in areas where there is a high risk of explosion. ATEX approved self-contained fittings are expensive and, if used in areas with high ceilings, often will not produce the lighting levels required. In this scenario, standard ATEX fittings can be used with an Effekta central battery system installed in a plantroom outside of the ATEX area.

Powervamp Emergency Lighting Customers

The Effekta Emergency Lighting Central Battery Systems has been installed, in to a number of high profile companies.

LED light fittings are increasingly being used in new-build as well as refurbish projects. The main reason for this is efficiency – LEDs provide a much higher light output than traditional lighting – and this means less power consumed for the same brightness level. This reduction in power makes central battery type systems more cost effective as the number of light fittings for the same power rating increases dramatically.

Effekta central battery systems are well suited to LED installations as there is often no space for local battery packs, which are typically pushed through the ceiling cavity. This makes maintenance of these types of fittings awkward as lamps need to be removed to gain access to the battery pack.

“…when using Effekta central battery system, architects and designers have the freedom to choose environment sympathetic light fittings…”

Powervamp have installed many systems powering LED lighting and can therefore assist with system ratings and other considerations (including poor power factors, high harmonics, and high inrush currents) that are sometimes associated with poor quality LED fittings.

Powervamp emergency lighting

All new hotels and office blocks are required by law to have emergency lighting systems included from the first initial design.

When using an Effekta central battery system, architects and designers have the freedom to choose light fittings (modern or period type) to suit the aesthetics of a particular room or area within the building.

Occasionally exterior emergency lighting away from the main building is required, this could be due to a remote muster point or particular risk assessment that necessitates the need for external emergency lighting.

Often this lighting will be in the form of street lighting where it is not possible to fit battery packs. Central battery systems are ideal for this sort of application as the system can be housed within the main building or adjacent plantroom.

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