Lightweight 10V-14V DC Power Supply

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Lightweight 10V-14V DC power supply, fitted with solid state voltmeter and ammeter, capable of providing 200A continuous power.

  • 200A / 10V-14V DC continuous power
  • Solid state voltmeter
  • Solid state ammeter
  • Lightweight aluminium case
  • Short circuit / current limit protection
  • 12V DC accessory socket
  • Power delivery LED
  • Voltage adjustment feature

Product Information

Product Information

The PS12-200 is a solid state hand-portable power supply delivering a maximum of 200A at 10V-14V DC. The power supply has been designed to provide clean stable power for test house / production-line applications whereby continuous DC power is required.

The power supply draws current from a standard single-phase 240V AC mains electrical supply. The nominal output is 12 volts, but this can be varied between 10V and 14.2V according to the demands of the equipment being powered.

As some applications require the need to listen carefully to the sounds made by on-board electronic items, the PS12-200 incorporate a variable-speed cooling fan, which powers down to run in “silent” mode when the unit is not in use, or is being run under low load.

To assist with constant monitoring of the output, each unit is fitted with a current probe which triggers a flashing green light indicating a current drop to an abnormally low level.

A high degree of intelligence is built into the PS12-200 product including a reverse polarity protection. The system illuminates a light to inform the operator of the reverse polarity.

The units are also fitted with a “soft-start” feature, that slowly increases the output power when connected to preventing sudden surges to sensitive electrical system.

A solid state voltmeter and ammeter displays the output voltage and current, enabling operators to monitor the current draw.

All Features

All Features

  • Mains on/off switch
  • Power supply delivery LED
  • Short circuit / current limit protection
  • Aluminium case with carry handle and wall mount
  • Over voltage protection
  • Auxiliary socket for plug-in accessories
  • Solid state voltmeter
  • Solid state ammeter
  • Soft start current operation
  • Over temperature protection

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Output voltage 10V-12V DC
Output current 200A
Output ripple <150mV p-p
Input voltage 180-264V AC / 47-63Hz
Input current 20A/180VAC 16A/230VAC single phase (typical)
Operating temp -0C to +25C (+32F to +77)
Case Aluminium with wall mount & handle
Voltmeter / ammeter Solid state LED, IP65
Voltage adjustment range 0-14.5V
Voltage tolerance ±1%
Cooling Forced ventilation
Protections/td> Thermal, current overload, short circuit, over voltage
Dimensions L 433mm (17in), W 135mm (5in), H 340mm (13in)
Weight 11kg (24lb)

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