Airport Ground Power Cable Carrier System

Sidewinder cable carrier has been engineered to give airports a simple, reliable power transfer product. Installed at a number of major UK airports, this proven system offers the ultimate in power transfer from converter to aircraft.

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 x 90kVA outputs
  • Low rolling resistance wheels
  • Special steel drag link chain beam pivots
  • Quick release connectors
  • Quick access beams and chains
  • Stamp lock quick release brakes
  • Detachable basket module
  • Lowest life/cost ownership

Product Information

Product Information

Aircraft power cabling and aircraft plugs are subjected to extremes of wear, impact damage and rough handling. As a result, power cables and AC plugs are a constant source of problems at busy airports, with any failure potentially having an impact on safety, turn-round times and costs.

Powervamp’s Sidewinder cable carrier system is engineered to give airports a simple, reliable power transfer system at an affordable price.

Compared with any other type of cable carrier, Sidewinder has the lowest life cost of ownership, achieved through key design features such as:

Powervamp has considered all aspects of Sidewinder deployment – from initial transport and installation to ease of operation and field service. Working directly with ground handling teams at major UK airports to understand their problems, the design team has created Sidewinder, the ultimate in simple, reliable, airport power transfer systems from converter to aircraft.

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Typical Aircraft*

Airbus A380, A340, A319, Boeing B787, B777, 747, B767, or power plants of a similar specification

Major airlines, airports, MROs and airshows

Sidewinder plane Sidewinder plane

All Features

Product information

  • Stainless steel beam construction
  • 12m, 18m and 24m deployment lengths
  • 180 degrees working radius
  • Tensile steel drag links and pins
  • Stamp lock brake system
  • Modular design for rapid swap out
  • Low rolling resistance wheels
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 90kVA outputs
  • Control panel IP65 rated
  • 200mm diameter wheels
  • Left or right installation bias option

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Common 150mm (6in) wide x 150mm (6in) high
Extended length 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 metres (39, 49, 65.5, 82, 98ft)
Arm length 3 metres (10ft) and 5 metres (17ft)
Construction material Extruded alloy
Pivot arrangement Alloy base plate, centre shaft with pre-loaded bearings and polymer wearing surfaces with IGUS chain cable and radius protection. All non ferrous fittings
Skates Flexell castors, high density nylon – 200mm (8in) diameter
Cable stowage cage Mild steel, galvanised, painted powder-coat yellow with twin aircraft plug holsters
Base station Lockable galvanized steel cabinet with heavy duty terminal bloc, isolator, earth point and grommet holes fixed to twin ‘l’ beams each with base plate and 4 x 20mm (¾in) securing holes
Max. extension angle to the vertical 20°


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