Coolspool Combination
28V DC Power Supply and Aircraft Start Unit

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Powervamp’s range of combination GPU’s have been developed to provide continuous power for avionics, air-conditioning and for starting most DC turbine / turboprop aircraft.

  • Up to x3 power supplies for redundancy
  • Sealed lead acid batteries
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • 28V DC adjustable output
  • Voltmeter / Ammeter
  • Power supply LED status indicators
  • 100A, 200A or 300A configuration
  • Cleared for air transportation

Product Information

Product Information

The Coolspool Combination GPU has been developed to provide continuous power for avionics/air conditioning and for starting most DC turbine and turboprop aircraft. This small and easy-to-move GPU is completely user configurable.

Available in three different configurations, (100A, 200A or 300A) the Coolspool Combination utilises DC power supplies and high-discharge batteries to deliver instant ripple free power for turbine starting. The output voltage can be manually adjusted by the operator ensuring the GPU delivers the desired output voltage to the aircraft. Each Coolspool Combination GPU is supplied with power supply status LEDs, output voltage and current indicators and battery state-of-charge monitoring system.

The battery isolator switch and sealed lead acid batteries ensure the GPU is cleared for air transportation. The GPU is supplied with a Nato lead set and input lead cable, and also has dedicated cable storage space. Each Coolspool Combination GPU can be used inside the hangar or outside on the ramp, either plugged in to an external supply input or utilising its own DC battery power for turbine starting.

Supplied with:

2m Nato Lead

2m Nato Lead

Hard Wired Mains Lead

Hard Wired 10m Input Lead

Optional Extras:

4m Nato Lead

4m Nato Lead

10m Input Lead Extension

10m Input Lead Extension

Typical power plant*

Coolspool Combination 100:TPE 331, PT6-67, Arrius or power plants of a similar specification

Coolspool Combination Coolspool Combination

Coolspool Combination 200:PT6A-27, Makila, TPE 731, GE T700, AE3007, CF34

Coolspool Combination 300:PT6C-67, Makila, TFE 731, ALF 502, HTF7000, RR Tay or power plants of a similar specification

Coolspool Combination Coolspool Combination

All Features

All features

  • Modular design with up to x3 power supplies for redundancy
  • Super-smooth, low ripple 28V DC adjustable output for sensitive avionics
  • Maintenance-free ultra high power sealed lead acid batteries deliver multiple turbine starts
  • Adjustable output voltage via control panel
  • Battery capacity indicator, voltmeter and ammeter
  • Mains on/off switch
  • Power supply LED status indicators
  • Aircraft cable with Nato connector
  • Emergency stop push-button
  • Harsh environment input cable with plug
  • Low resistance castor wheels for easy movement
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminium assembly
  • Replaceable/washable air filters allow outdoor use
  • Civil or military use
  • Cleared for air transportation

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Combination Type CSC 100 CSC 200 CSC300
Output voltage 28.4 to 29.4V DC (Adjustable)
Standing voltage 25.6V DC
Output current
(continuous rating)
100A 200A 300A
Peak Amps 2,400 4,800 5,000
Amp/hour capacity 43Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C) 86 Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C) 114 Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C)
Output ripple <240mV p-p
Input voltage EC1: 180-264VAC (15A max) 1-Ph+N+E
EC2*: 90-180VAC (15A max) 1-Ph+N+E
EC1: 180-264VAC (29A max) 1-Ph+N+E
EC2**: 90-180VAC (30A max) 1-Ph+N+E
EC1: 312-457VAC (15A max) 3-Ph+N+E
EC2: 180-264VAC (27A max) 3-Ph+E

EC3: 180-264VAC (45A max) 1-Ph+N+E
Input frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C (-2°F to +122°F)
Aircraft cable 2m (6ft) with heavy-duty rubber Nato connector – optional 4m (13ft)
Input cable 10m (33ft) – optional extra separate extension of 10m (33ft)
Input plug EC1: 16A 3 pin 6h blue
EC2: 16A 3 pin 4h yellow
EC1: 32A 3 pin 6h blue
EC2: 32A 3pin 4h yellow
EC1: 32A 5 pin 6h red
EC2: 32A 4 pin 9h blue

EC3: 63A 4 pin 6h blue
Cooling Forced ventilation
(power supplies)
Thermal, current overload, short circuit, over voltage
Dimensions With handle: L 960mm (38in) W 590mm (23in) H 1100mm (43.4in)
Without handle: L 710mm (28in) W 590mm (23in) H 554mm (22in)
Weight (incl. cables) 86kg (189.6lbs) 115kg (253.5lbs) 147kg (324lbs)

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