Coolspool 17
28V or 26V Aircraft Start Unit

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Lightweight 28V or 26V DC aircraft start unit, fitted with solid state voltmeter and internal charger, designed to be carried on board for emergency power or turbine starting.

  • 1800 peak amps
  • Sealed lead acid AGM batteries
  • Cleared for air transportation
  • Internal charger with LED status
  • Light aluminium case with carry handle
  • Solid state voltmeter
  • Auxiliary/accessory socket
  • Available in 26V or 28V DC versions

Product Information

Product Information

The Coolspool 17 is available in two nominal output voltages, 26V DC or 28V DC. This aircraft start unit is used extensively on light/medium turbine helicopters or aircraft and all 24V DC piston diesel/Avgas engines. Upper Fadec limits vary according to the manufacturer’s software and for this reason two versions of the Coolspool 17 are available.

When compared to a 24V DC start unit of the same capacity, the Coolspool 17 delivers a significantly higher performance, resulting in faster spool-ups and cooler starts impacting directly on turbine life. This aircraft start unit is designed to be carried on board for emergency power or turbine starting and is fitted with an automatic 3-stage internal charger for maximum cell longevity.

The Coolspool 17 is fitted with solid state voltmeter with ‘push to view’ button to monitor battery voltage. Securing the output flap of the padded jacket ensures the aircraft start unit is cleared for air transportation.

Supplied with Nato lead set, charge lead and heavy-duty canvas protective jacket. When connected in parallel with Powervamp’s PS30 DC power supply, both units deliver a unique lightweight combination of performance and versatility.

Frequent users of the Coolspool 17 and Coolspool 29 units who require expedited charge times should consider the optional Coolspool fast charger. The Powervamp Coolspool fast charging system is designed to re-charge your Coolspool unit quickly and safely whilst also optimising the batteries for maximum longevity.

Supplied with:

2m Nato Lead

2m Nato Lead

Padded Protective Jacket

Padded Protective Jacket

110/240V Country Specific Input Lead

110/240V Country Specific Input Lead

Optional Extras:

RPowervamp Coolspool fast charger

Coolspool Fast Charger

4m Nato Lead

4m Nato Lead

Typical power plant*

Arrius 2F, Rolls-Royce 250, or power plants of a similar specification

GA Pack GA Pack GA Pack

All Features

Product information

  • High powered sealed lead acid AGM batteries
  • Cleared for air transportation
  • Internal charger with LED status indicator
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium case with lie-flat carry handle
  • Aircraft cable with heavy duty Nato plug
  • S50 auxiliary / accessory port
  • Solid state voltmeter with 'push to view' feature
  • Heavy duty canvas protective jacket

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Peak amps
Nominal voltage 24V or 27V DC depending on model
Standing voltage 27.3V or 30.7V DC depending on model
Amp/hour capacity 16 Ah @ 10hr rate (20°C)
Operating temp -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to 114°F)
Case Aluminium with lie-flat handle
Voltmeter Solid state LED, IP65
Aircraft cable 2m (6ft) with heavy duty rubber Nato connector
Charger 1.9A 3-stage internal charger / 90-264V AC / 47-63Hz / single phase
Dimensions H 275mm (10in) , L 340mm (14in), W 100mm (4in)
Weight 26V DC version - 17.5kg (38lb) / 28V DC version - 18kg (40lb)


Powervamp DC Ground Power Aviation Showcase

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