Compact and easily manoeuvrable 28V DC power supply housed in an all weather powder coated stainless steel case. TRU 28 will supply 600A continuous power and up to 2400A overload.

  • Continuous 28V DC / 600A
  • 2400A starting current
  • 50/60Hz or 400Hz input
  • IP55 protection
  • Solid state design
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Integral voltmeter / ammeter
  • Output current regulated to 1%

Product Information

Product Information

Powervamp’s TRU-28 transformer rectifier unit will start and power all known 28V DC aircraft. Silent, environmentally clean, and easy to use, the TRU-28 offers users significant operating benefits.

Designed and built to the highest industry standards (MILSTD 704, ISO 6858), it produces the highest quality output signal with minimal AC ripple and is guaranteed to be accepted by all DC aircraft.

The 12 pulse rectification technology used ensures a low input total harmonic distortion less than 13% at nominal load, adding to the efficiency of the system. The TRU-28 will operate from either 50/60Hz or 400Hz input.

The TRU-28 produces a regulated 28V DC output and can deliver a constant current of 600A with engine starting peaks of up to 2400A. The current limiting feature enables the user to limit the output current to the aircraft and can be accessed and set via the digital display. The user can also access the line drop compensation feature via the display menu to increase/decrease the output voltage to the aircraft within the limits of ISO 6858.

The TRU-28 is a compact solid state module built to IP54 protection, designed for internal/external fixed or mobile use. With its optional weather-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized frame with wheels, the unit can be easily moved, or towed, over uneven surfaces.

The TRU 28 is available with 50/60Hz or 400Hz input depending on model.

Supplied with:

Locking Casters

2 x Locking Casters

Backlit Control Panel

Backlit Control Panel

TRU Cable Horn

Cable Horn

Optional Extras:

Powervamp Optional Trolley TRU2400-2

Towable Trailer

Typical power plant*

PT6C-67, Makila, TFE 731, ALF 502, HTF7000, RR Tay, or power plants of a similar specification

GA Pack GA Pack GA Pack

All Features

Product information

  • Solid state design
  • Corrosion resistant galvanised frame
  • Cable stowage
  • Hourmeter and current selector
  • 400mm (16in) pneumatic tyres
  • 2400A overload protection
  • 12 pulse rectification

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Input:Voltage 3-phase 208V/400V/480V
Frequency 50/60Hz or 400Hz
Rectification 12 pulse
Line current 32A / 62A @ nominal load
Efficiency 92%
OUTPUT: Voltage 28V DC
Current 600A / 2400A
Voltage regulation <0.5%
Voltage ripple <1%
Case Alloy panels, steel frame
Height 875mm (35in)
Length 653mm (26in)
Width 837mm (33in)
Weight 230kg (507lbs)
Output cable 4-metre (13ft) double-insulated 70mm sq


Powervamp DC Ground Power Aviation Showcase

The following video has been created to showcase a small selection of aviation products from our DC range of GPU's. See the video below for a look at the aviation showcase.

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