Ground power unit

What is a Ground Power Unit?

A ground power unit, often abbreviated to GPU, is a piece of equipment that is used to power up or start aircraft on the ground. A GPU can come in different forms, such as a battery power supply, a dedicated electric power supply, or a combination of the two. A GPU will most commonly provide 28V DC or 115V 400Hz AC, but there are certain instances where an aircraft will require something more specialised.

Ground Power Units from Powervamp

World leaders in Ground Power Units (GPU) and Ground Support Equipment for the Aviation industry since 1993, with customers in 55 countries. Powervamp Ltd has been supplying 28 volt DC and 400Hz AC systems to the aviation industry since the mid-1990s, and is a recognised world leader in the market. A large number of Powervamp-built GPUs and power supply units are in use with both military and civilian aircraft and airport operators worldwide.

The Powervamp all-weather aviation range of packs is notable for its high power, modular design, rugged construction, ease of use and easy servicing. It is suitable for starting anything from the smallest single-engined helicopter or light aircraft to much larger turboprop and turbofan engines on corporate jets. Self-contained generators are also available.


Powervamp also supplies a range of related equipment including wiring harnesses, connectors, trolleys for handling multiple units, aircraft landing lights and has a division supplying rental GPUs and coolers to major air shows world-wide.

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