Ground Power Unit (GPU) is the term given to equipment that powers, or starts, aircraft, whilst on the ground. A GPU can refer to a dedicated electric power supply, battery power supply or a combination of both. There's also a kind known as an aircraft ground power unit.  Ground power units usually provide either 28V DC or 115V 400Hz AC, although certain aircraft will require a more specialised power derivative. Powervamp is the only UK designer and manufacturer of ground power units ranging from the smallest 12V DC general aviation start unit to the hugely powerful PV90-4 400Hz frequency converter – already installed at a number of major international airports.  
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AC 400Hz

AC 400Hz

45/90 kVA Frequency Converters
Powervamp is the only UK designer and manufacturer of 400Hz frequency converters, and as such can offer an unparalleled product support for this kind of ground power unit. View Products
DC Battery Ramp Carts

DC Battery Ramp Carts

28V Battery Ramp Carts
The award winning ‘Coolspool’ range of 28V DC battery carts are a cost saving, environmentally-friendly, alternative to the traditional diesel GPU. View Products
Combination GPUs

DC Combination Units

28V DC Power Supply and Aircraft Start Unit
Powervamp’s range of combination GPU’s have been developed to provide continuous power for avionics/air-conditioning and for starting most DC turbine / turboprop aircraft. View Products
DC Mini-Diesel (Hybrid)

DC Mini-Diesel (Hybrid)

28V Mini Diesel GPU
The JetGo 300 was developed to offer continuous ground power to regional DC operators and FBO’s requiring ripple-free power in the hanger. View Products
DC Aircraft Start Units

DC Aircraft Start Units

12V/24V/28V DC Aircraft Start Units
Powervamp's range of aircraft start units and aircraft GPU are relied upon around the world due to their performance, quality and ease of servicing. View Products
DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

14V/24V/28V Portable Power Supplies
The portable 28V DC range of power supplies provide outputs from 30A-300A, making them ideal for powering small helicopters up to large corporate jets. View Products
DC Transformer Rectifier Units

DC Transformer Rectifier Units

28V Transformer Rectifier Unit
The IP55 rated, all-weather TRU, delivers 28V DC at 600A continuous power & also provides 2400A starting current.  Available as 50/60Hz or 400Hz input. View Products
Sidewinder 2 Cable Carrier

Sidewinder Cable Carrier

Airport Ground Power Cable Carrier System
Sidewinder cable carrier has been engineered to give airports the ultimate in power transfer from converter to aircraft. View Product
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