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Powervamp is a leading UK based company specialising in the manufacture of advanced power solutions for industry.
The company sells its product ranges into several industry sectors, the most specialised and demanding of which is the international aviation industry.

Powervamp is uniquely placed amongst Ground Power Unit suppliers to the aviation industry in that it supplies both 28V DC and 400Hz products. So no matter what aircraft, from a Cessna 152 through to an A380, Powervamp have a proven, quality solution. The common denominator behind all Powervamp products is that they are solid state, electrical solutions to providing ground power to aircraft, regardless of whether they require 28V DC or 400Hz.
Powervamp products

The PV90-3 400Hz ground power unit is available in various configurations.

Whenever the operational requirements of an aircraft operator allow it makes both commercial and environmental sense to opt for a solid state solution. Comparing diesel GPU’s with their solid state electrical counterparts is a complex issue, and one that can be debated on many different levels. There have undoubtedly been improvements in diesel engine performance over recent years. That said there have also been huge improvements in power station emissions as well, and so the argument and counter argument could continue ad verbatim.

For the aircraft, or airport operators, whats important when considering FEGP is the local environmental benefits which are undeniable: FEGP will offer considerable benefits to local air quality when compared to a diesel GPU, even if it uses the latest Tier 4 engine.

Powervamp products in use at airstrip
4 x PV90-3 and Sidewinder cable carrier system installed on stand 54, Birmingham Airport.


When a diesel GPU is used on an apron the Ramp and Ground Handling crews are exposed to CO², NOX, CO, SO² etc. The use of FEGP instead of diesel powered GPU’s removes this problem. Airlines have reported that the on-board APU of a 747 burns six times the amount of fuel as a diesel GPU. This figure is considerably increased when comparing with FEGP. In fact Miami Airport have reported that installing FEGP on concourse H alone has saved an estimated 131,400 gallons of diesel per year. http://www.miami-airport.com/library/MIA_Env_Report.pdf

The benefits of not having to fill a GPU with gallons of fuel and oil are obvious and will have an immediate effect on operational costs. FEGP units also require significantly less maintenance than the diesel alternative.

A FEGP unit is by its nature much smaller than a diesel unit, and because they tend to be located and fixed in position the implications to ramp operations have health and safety benefits. Industry Best Practice recommends that FEGP is the primary choice for aircraft ground power requirements.
Powervamp DC GPUs
All Powervamp hand-portable DC GPUs use EnerSys TPPL batteries with flat plates constructed from 99.9% pure lead.

When people think of power, they tend to think negatively when it comes to the environment and balancing commercial interests. But in fact when it comes to power and energy, the less impact we can make on the environment in our use and production of it, the better. Being environmentally conscious when you’re in the business of providing people with power is something we regard as an essential step forward. That’s the reason behind Powervamp’s programme: Greener Power.

Our Greener Power programme is an initiative that sees us constantly monitor and evaluate our practices and products, ensuring we are providing the services we do in the most environmentally efficient and sustainable why that’s possible to us.Powervamp products are actually a green alternative to the other diesel GPUs manufactured by many of our competitors within the aviation industry. Why? The batteries used within Powervamp’s pioneering DC carts and GPUs are made from 99% pure lead.

Powervamp Coolspool 410 powering a plane
Powervamp Coolspool 410 DC battery cart in daily use with Brazils Azul Airline on their fleet of ATR 72-600 aircraft.


These pure lead-acid batteries are in fact the most highly recycled consumer product on the planet. More than 97 percent of all lead-acid batteries* are recycled, a percentage that far outweighs most other consumer products. To put this into perspective, according to research by Battery Council International, 55 percent of aluminium cans are recycled, 45 percent of newspapers, 26 percent of glass bottles and 26 percent of tyres. Nearly 80% of a typical lead-acid battery is comprised of material that is recycled from older batteries.

This means that instead of lead-acid batteries being disposed of in landfills, nearly all are sent to recycling centres, resulting in most lead-acid batteries on the market being comprised of recycled materials. It’s not just about recycling – replacing diesel with electric units provides reduced carbon, nitrogen and particulate matter emissions, operating advantages such as reduced fuel and maintenance costs, quieter operational noise, and reduced clutter on the airfield.

As a result, Powervamp’s solid state GPU technology makes a significant contribution to a greener airport environment – a compelling reason to choose Greener Power from Powervamp. For further information on our Greener Power programme, please visit www.powervamp.com *Figures obtained from www.alabc.org/ – The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)

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