Airshow Support

Powervamps airshow support service offers a large range of its innovative ground power equipment to provide power for a single aircraft up to the largest airshow. Portable 28V DC power supplies to 400Hz 90kVA ground power units are available for short or long term rental. Extensive experience, and product familiarity, gives the airshow service team a technical advantage within this industry.

  • 28V DC 100A / 300A power supplies
  • 400Hz 45kVA / 90kVA GPU's
  • Long / short rental for any size airshow
  • Connectors / junction boxes / cable
  • Experienced service engineers
  • 3 Tonne coolers available

Airshow Services Information

With a background of more than 20 years in the manufacture and supply of ground power equipment for the aviation industry worldwide, Powervamp has steadily developed its airshow and ground support rental business.

Seldom are manufacturers regular users of the products they produce – Powervamp is the exception offering 28V DC power supplies, 3-tonne air-conditioning coolers and 400Hz frequency converters to major international airshows including Farnborough, Paris and Singapore.

Powervamps experienced engineers are used to operating under the extreme conditions associated with the setting up of an airshow, and are regularly required to undertake complex power calculations.  The team can also position generator sets, oversee fuel management and offer a complete turnkey solution if required.

Customers also benefit from Powervamp’s extensive supply of cabling and switch gear (approximately 10 tonnes). All equipment is compatible with one type of 3-phase input voltage for simplicity and is usually pre-matched at the factory before dispatch to reduce hook-up time.

Powervamp can ship this directly from stock to ensure equipment arrives at its destination without the need to source ancillary items locally.


Typical products include:

PS100 – power supplies

PS300 – power supplies

PV45 – 45kVA ground power units

PV90-3 – 90kVA ground power units

3 tonne air-conditioning coolers

Assortment of single & three phase cables and junction boxes



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