Businesses often bid for short-term contracts. In such instances the operational need may be for portable DC power for turbine starting, 28V or 400Hz GPUs – diesel or electric – for aircraft or helicopters or portable air conditioning for aircraft, marquees or spot cooling.

Powervamp offers its short- or long-term lease/rental service to customers, through which its modern equipment can be hired by the week. Most of our products are available for hire, however if you have a requirement for a product that is not shown, don’t hesitate to call the Powervamp Rental Division on +44 (0) 1934 643000 or email us at

AC 400Hz
45/90 kVA Frequency Converters

Powervamp is the only UK designer and manufacturer of 400Hz frequency converters, and as such can offer an unparalleled product support.

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DC Power Supply
14V/24V/28V Portable Power Supplies

The portable 28V DC range of power supplies provide outputs from 30A-300A, making them ideal for powering small helicopters up to large corporate jets.

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3 Tonne Portable Air-Conditioning Unit

Powervamp owns a fleet of 3 tonne portable air-conditioning units suitable for airshow, workshop, marquees and events.

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Frequency Converters
3.2kVA-250kVA Static Frequency Converters

The ‘Effekta Range’ of static frequency converters achieve a high quality output under all load conditions.

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Powervamp Transformer

180kVA Step Up Transformer

Designed to power major plant taking up to 180kVA and able to accept a wide tolerance on the input voltage to cope with voltage fluctuations.

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