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The Police of the Czech Republic, or Policie České Republiky as they are known locally, are an armed security force established by the National Council Act in 1991. The force was established to protect people, property and public order and to also prevent criminal offences as stipulated by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The force is also responsible for search and rescue operations and on this behalf cooperates with Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic that is highly professional rescue agency.

Czech Republic Police Helicopter

The aviation division of the police recently purchased 2 x Coolspool 300 Hybrid diesel ground power units through Powervamp’s German distributor, Telemeter Electronic. The Coolspool 300 Hybrid originally developed in 1995 for the UK military as a low cost self-contained GPU designed to supply continuous DC power all day for pre- flight/avionics and random turbine starting.

“Its absolutely essential the helicopters are in a constant state of readiness…”

The Police of the Czech Republic procured the Coolspools to start the large fleet of Bell 412 and Eurocopter EC135 helicopters based in Prague and Brno.

Powervamp at work

Its absolutely essential the helicopters are in a constant state of readiness due as they are relied upon to perform critical operations such as border patrols, surveillance and HEMS (helicopter emergency medical service).

Representatives from the Powervamp aviation and technical divisions were invited to the Václav Havel Airport, Prague, to train the ground handlers, maintenance staff and operators of The Police of the Czech Republic on how to use the Coolspool ground power units before they could be fully commissioned.

“The commissioning and product training was a great success…”

The five hour training session was conducted in front of a large team of engineers and outlined the key features of the Coolspool – including the 4000A output for aircraft starting, 300A continuous power for running the avionics suite and 110V/230V power outputs for general ramp use.

Coolspool features and sketch

The session was hailed a success with further enquiries being made for another Coolspool Hybrid 300, as well as portable DC ground power units, frequency converters and DC power supplies.We also offer emergency lighting products.

Powervamp DC Aviation Sales Manager, Phil Horn, commented

“This was a fantastic opportunity for us to work alongside our distributors and to see the Czech police aviation engineers in operation with our equipment. The commissioning and product training was a great success and we were also able to discuss their imminent plans for a new air base in the north of the country. We look forward to supplying them with more equipment in the not too distant future.”

Powervamp wishes to thank The Police of the Czech Republic for their warm welcome and hospitality during the training session as well as Telemeter Electronic for their consistent support and professionalism during the sales process.

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