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Powervamp has launched its new aviation ground power selector guide as part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring the most suitable ground power unit is recommended for each customers application.  The ground power selector guide has been populated with information gathered from existing customers, distributors and the numerous demonstrations that have taken place around the world by our aviation sales team.

The new selector allows visitors to the www.powervamp.com website to select the aircraft manufacturer and model from a series of easy to navigate dropdown menus. The guide will suggest a suitable turbine start unit and power supply from the Powervamp range of products, to give the visitor every power option.

The guide is currently only available for the DC range of products, however an AC equipment version will be online in the near future.

The new guide will even calculate the number of turbine starts associated with the ground power unit

For more information, or to try out the new GPU selector guide yourself – head over to https://www.powervamp.com/product-selector/

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