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Regional Express, (also known as Rex), is Australia’s largest regional airline, (outside of the Quantas group of companies), and is based in Mascot, New South Wales.

The airline was established in 2002 when the Australiawide Airlines consortium acquired Hazelton Airlines and Kendell Airlines, before merging both companies and started operations in August 2002 as ‘Rex’.

REX operates scheduled regional services covering New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, North Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Powervamp TRU2400-2 at Regional Express REX

Mt Isa, Queensland                              Kingscote, Kangaroo Island                              Normanton, Queensland

REX operates the worlds largest fleet of Swedish built Saab 340 turboprop aircraft.  The 54 strong fleet is made up of Saab 340A, 340B and 340B+WT aircraft seating 33, 34 or 36 passengers.

Powervamp first started working with REX in 2016 and has developed a strong relationship with the regional airline over the years, so when the airline made contact to request a service visit to a number of its sites around Australia – an engineer was despatched immediately.

“…REX run a large fleet of Powervamp TRU2400-2 ground power units…”

The trip was to incorporate 6 sites comprising of Kingscote, Burnie Island, Orange, Parkes, Mt Isa and Normanton, and was to serve two purposes.  Firstly, the engineers wanted to inspect, service and upgrade, (where required), the ground power equipment to the latest specification,and secondly, to research the actual application of the units whilst out in the field to understand how they were being used.

Powervamp TRU2400-2 at Regional Express REX

Burnie, Tasmania                                        Orange, New South Wales                              Parkes, New South Wales

REX run a large fleet of Powervamp TRU2400-2 ground power units to power their aircraft on the ground in remote locations due to its high current turbine starting capabilities. The TRUs ability to maintain a high DC voltage at the plug whilst delivering over 2000 Amps greatly reduces the stress on the aircrafts internal batteries on routes where the flight times are very short.

“…19 flights, 16 days away, 10 hotels, 6 REX locations and 1 bird strike…”

During the service visit it was necessary to replace airport circuit breakers in some locations that were struggling to handle the required power for the TRU.

Other TRUs required firmware and cabling upgrades to bring them up to the latest specification as well as general servicing where they were being reguarly operated in extreme remote locations.

After 19 flights, 16 days away, 10 hotels, 6 REX locations and 1 bird strike (in Dormadgee), with a comprehensive tool kit and bulky load-tester,  the Powervamp service team returned back to the UK to prepare themselves for their next visit….which will hopefully be closer to home.

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