Emergency Lighting Inverter

The EF20 ELI is compact 2.0kVA-30kVA 230V AC Single Phase Output Static Inverter System suitable for operation with standard mains luminaires.

  • Sine wave output
  • Deep discharge protection for batteries
  • Microprocessor control
  • Data logging storing up to 200 alarms
  • Compact floor standing enclosure
  • Complies with BS EN 50171
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • Optional three-phase input

Product Information

Product Information

2.0kVA-30kVA 230V AC Single Phase Output Static Inverter System suitable for operation with standard mains luminaires. Available with 1 or 3hr battery configuration, battery monitoring as well as optional built in distribution.

The EF20 ELI is compact, easily maintained and provides optional single or three phase input with single phase output. Systems can be configured to suit downstream distribution with the required fault clearance and are offered with contactor changeover or static switch changeover (no-break). Non-maintained / maintained or switched maintained included as standard.

Optional distribution is available allowing load circuits to be directly connected to the system output.

All Features


  • Comprehensive digital display with data logger storing up to 200 events
  • Compact floor standing enclosure
  • Deep discharge protection for batteries
  • Reverse battery polarity protection
  • 4 x volt free contacts for remote monitoring or BMS
  • 10-year design life batteries with ageing factor
  • Modular front access design for reliability and serviceability
  • Fully compliant with BS EN 50171
  • Optional internal distribution
  • Optional LAN connection for remote monitoring
  • Optional three-phase input
  • Optional high IP ratings for outdoor use

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Mains Supply Voltage 230VAC 1 Phase or 400VAC 3 Phase +/- 10%
Mains Supply Frequency 50 or 60Hz +/- 5%
Power Factor 0.99 @ Full Recharge
DC Over-Voltage
Protections Mains Low
Input Surge
Other Voltages Available
Voltage 220 / 230 / 240V 1 Phase
Voltage Regulation Static +/- 1%, Dynamic +/- 6%
Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 0.1%
Distortion (THD) <3% (Linear Load)
Load Power Factor 0.7 lag to 0.9 lead
Overload 120% Continuous, 121% for 2min, 160% for 5sec
Electronic Overload / Short Circuit
Protections Over-Temperature
Over / Under voltage
Other Voltages Available
Battery Type VRLA Front Terminal 10 Year Life @ 20°C
Ageing Factor Included
Standard Autonomy 1 or 3 Hours
Emissions EN 61000-6-4

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