EF20 SFC<br/><small>Static Frequency Converter</small>

Static Frequency Converter

3.2kVA-40kVA single phase output static frequency converter system providing a high quality single ...

  • Adjustable Output Frequency
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Sine Wave Output
  • Single or three phase input
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EF33 SFC<br/><small>Static Frequency Converter</small>

Static Frequency Converter

5.0 - 200kVA static frequency converter offering input/output flexibility and ability to be ...

  • Maximum output 250kVA
  • Adjustable output frequency
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Sine wave output
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BSI Accreditation
ECS Accreditation
B2B Compliance
RoHS Compliant Accreditation
NBAA Accreditation
WEEE Recycling Accreditation