Ground Power

World leaders in Ground Power Units (GPUs) and Ground Support Equipment for the Aviation industry since 1993, with customers in 55 countries. Powervamp Ltd has been supplying 28 volt DC and 400Hz AC ground power systems to the aviation industry since the mid-1990s, and is a recognised world leader in the market.

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Greener Power

Powervamp is a UK based company specialising in the manufacture of power solutions. The company sells its product ranges into several industry sectors, the most specialised and demanding of which is the international aviation industry.

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Powervamp launch new Effekta range brochure

Powervamp is one of Britain’s leading developers and manufacturers of power systems for emergency lighting in workplaces and public buildings. The Effekta range of products are sold both under our own brand, and rebranded by other leading suppliers in this market.

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alliance electronics

Alliance Electronics

Powervamp jump-starter packs for the automotive industry will in future be sold and supported in the UK under an exclusive distribution arrangement with Alliance Electronics Ltd, a specialist in vehicle electrical and electronic systems based in Sheffield. Alliance Electronics will also take over responsibility for advertising, exhibitions and all other marketing duties in the new distribution agreement that marks the launch of a new phase for Powervamp.

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Powervamp powers Bristol International Airport

As airports and operators seek to minimise costs and pollution, the demand for fixed electrical ground powering of aircraft systems can only increase. Powervamp’s latest PV90 Mk3 Converter is designed to meet this demand by providing the ground power to run the electrical systems of the Boeing 787 and the next generation of aircraft.The unique feature of PV90-3 is the pluggable Power Module (as shown in attached specification sheet).

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Formed in 1993, Powervamp Ltd is a world-recognised designer and manufacturer of equipment for the powering and starting of all types of vehicles, aircraft, plant and marine craft, as well as being a key service provider to the aviation industry.

A world-wide reputation.

With customers in more than 55 countries including many armed forces and paramilitary – such as police air support and air ambulance operators, the company has built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and service.

A wealth of experience

Using its battery knowledge, workforce and electronic skills and harnessing its huge world wide customer base, the company offers a synergy of products and services that complement its original battery product range.