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Batteries are a critical part of any backup power system, experience shows that routine inspection and testing of batteries improves system reliability and can also save you money. Battery testing can be completed during your 6 monthly or annual routine maintenance visit.


There are various factors which influence the lifespan of a lead acid battery:

Temperature is the most likely cause of premature battery failure; the life of a battery is reduced by half for every 8-10°C rise above 20°C (based on a typical VRLA battery)

Sealed lead acid batteries or VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) are most widely used for modern backup systems, these are generally configured in series strings to create a high voltage DC link (48V-600V typically). If a single cell fails (high impedance), then the entire string fails, this can be likened to the weakest link in a chain.

Powervamp Ltd offer a comprehensive battery testing service which includes:

Battery impedance testing provides early warning of potential cell failure; this allows individual cells/blocks to be replaced before they fail ensuring maximum reliability.

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