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AERO Specialties released its newest line of solid-state aircraft rectifiers and frequency converters at the NBAA-BACE and Inter Airport exhibitions. Through a collaboration with Powervamp, AERO is excited to offer the highest quality, best valued frequency converters and rectifiers available on the market.

“…extensive aircraft safety features, outstanding efficiency, and heavy-duty construction made them a hit at the NBAA and Inter Airport exhibitions…”

This new line of 28.5V DC and 400Hz AC solid state ground power units have set a new standard for safety, precision, reliability and ease of use. The newly launched products include portable, trolley-mounted, and towable options for 28V DC rectifiers as well as 45kVA and 90kVA AC frequency converters.

“We are excited about the launch of AERO’s new line of solid state power units. These units’ extensive aircraft safety features, outstanding efficiency, and heavy-duty construction made them a hit at the NBAA and Inter Airport exhibitions. With multiple orders booked at both events this October, it is clear to us that these units will be a popular and successful offering for AERO Specialties.” – Pete Johnson, Director of Sales.

PV90-3 and PV45 400Hz frequency converters shown in their striking orange/blue Aero Specialties colours

AERO Specialties is the leader in supplying the highest quality and most affordable ground support equipment available. With 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of ground support equipment, AERO Specialties has built a reputation globally for quality innovation and exceptional customer service and support.

Powervamp has customers in more than 60 countries, based upon its reputation for quality, product support and customer service. AERO Specialties and Powervamp collaborated for two years to develop this line of frequency converters and rectifiers for the U.S. and other markets. In addition to offering this line of frequency converters and rectifiers, AERO Specialties will also offer Powervamp’s full line of products in the aviation ground support equipment market

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