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To Whom It May Concern
My name is Chris Daly I am the Airfield Engineer at Birmingham Airport Limited (BAL). I manage the Airfield Engineering section; I am responsible for the maintenance of operational equipment on the airfield. We have 54 Fixed Electrical Ground Power Units (FEGPU) on site in operation; these are all of a different age and condition – single 90Kva and dual 180Kva units, all from one main manufacturer.
Initially Powervamp approached me to view their product in operational service at Bristol Airport; they have a number of units installed there, these convertors seemed very robust and solid. Powervamp invited me to trial a PV90 unit at BAL for 3 months on stand number 1. After a very successful trial I decided to purchase a Powervamp PV90 for this stand. This FEGPU has been in operational use for over 18 months with no issues, it is used daily by 737 and Dash 8 aircraft types.

With the arrival of our first Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Air India last year we needed to have the ability to support the power hungry requirements of this aircraft. Our existing FEGPU were of an age and condition that they could not support this new aircraft type.
Powervamp were very attentive and quick to rise to this challenge. We had four Powervamp PV90 units installed with a spare unit if required for the third connection point within a matter of weeks. These units have been in daily service with no major issues.

From my own experience I am very impressed with the service and efficiency of this company, they have been very attentive and able to deliver and respond to any request or questions at anytime. I would have no problem in recommending their product for use to other organisations. I have started a FEGPU replacement program with our older/ failing FEGPU’s onsite. I have since installed two more Powervamp PV90-3 GPUs onsite, and am currently looking to procure a further three Powervamp 90kVA convertors. The performance of this equipment and value for money are the key drivers for my business choice.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you.

Yours Sincerely

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