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“Having been involved in the Helicopter industry for some 25 years plus I have encountered countless occasions when I really could have used an Auxiliary Power Unit to get me out of a sticky situation. Many is the time I have had to call on help from others in times of need. I have also operated with a variety of Home Made units consisting of 2 x 12 volt batteries strapped together on a trolley, efficient to a degree I admit, but generally unwieldy items that need constant care, attention and maintenance. Most important to bear in mind however is the fact that these have no safety devices whatsoever built into them. Also they are not really portable, try getting one of these on and off your support vehicle and they are certainly not practical for carrying in the aircraft itself.

For many years I have looked at the various GPU’s – APU’s, Start Packs, whatever you may wish to call them, that were on the market, all seemed expensive, heavy and difficult to obtain, the cost undoubtedly being the main concern.

In early July 2006 I received a simple yet informative Mail Shot and Brochure from Powervamp promoting their latest range of Ground Power Support Units (GPU’s). I was impressed by the look and the specification of the units and very pleasantly surprised at the cost being quoted for a unit that would suit our needs. Despite my interest I still pondered for a week or so before contacting Powervamp to discuss the product with them, the outcome was that a ‘No Obligation’ demonstration visit was offered and arranged there and then.

During the demonstration I was not only impressed by the standard and quality of the units themselves but also of the ruggedness of the Output Leads and extremely solid NATO connector,  all this and a trolley to mount the unit in for ease of use around the hangar or the aerodrome. As a result of the demonstration and the excellent price I placed an order for 1 x Coolspool 29 and 1 x Coolspool 17 – 28 Volt GPU’s.

Since purchasing these units they have been in service with us and used on a daily basis, the Briefcase sized Coolspool 17 has been transported in either our Ground Support Vehicle or our aircraft to various operating locations, with the beefier Coolspool 29 being retained at our Goodwood base and simply being wheeled out of the hangar to the aircraft on the trolley to undertake Auxiliary Starts.

Having now operated these GPU’s for about 2 months almost continuously I have to say that they are probably the best investment that we as a Company have made in many years. They are versatile, reliable, have a range of safety features incorporated and do the job that they are designed to do without any problem whatsoever.

My summary. Highly Recommended, Affordable, User Friendly units that you just can not afford to be without. We will definitely be investing in additional unit shortly.”

Glenn Curtis

Managing Director

Elite Helicopters.

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