Portapump Mk3
Powervamp is the designer, and manufacturer, of the ‘Portapump’ – a powerful DC operated portable fuel transfer system housed within a stainless steel tubular space frame.

The Portapump is a rugged, all-weather pump designed for the rapid fuelling or de-fuelling of all types of aircraft or vehicles using jet A1 or diesel with a flash point above 37oC.

“…whether being used for humanitarian work in Africa or ski breaks in Greenland, the Portapump is designed for the harshest conditions…”

Its compact 49cm x 36cm x 33cm dimensions mean it can be transported by aircraft, helicopter or automotive vehicle and due to its relatively light 27kg weight, it can easily be carried by a single person.

Now in its 3rd generation, the Portapump has been continuously modified over its 22 years of production with improvements including a revised filter assembly, miniaturised control panel and weight reduction program incorporating its current open frame design.

Portapump mk1 and Portapump mk3

Portapump Mk1                                                                    Portapump Mk3

The customer base for portable GPU for aircrafts has grown rapidly over the last few years with a noticeable increase in sales attributed to its reputation for constant use in some of the most hostile environments.

Whether being used for humanitarian work in the punishing heat of Africa or to assist extreme ski breaks within the holiday sector in Greenland, the Portapump has been designed to cope with the harshest conditions.

“…the Portapump will filter contaminated fuel to 5 microns solids, and 2 parts per million water…”

One of its key features is the ability to operate from any 24V DC to 28V DC power source. This makes it ideal for running from a Powervamp 24V DC aviation GPU, automotive jump start pack or even a pair of truck batteries connected in series.

The Portapump is supplied with 2 x 3m individual suction and delivery hoses as well as a 2-piece aluminium standpipe to allow the refuelling from 45 gallon fuel drums.

Air Greenlands Airbus AS 350 BS

The Portapump earning its keep with Air Greenlands Airbus AS 350 BS

Jet A1fuel is hygroscopic, (can absorb moisture from the air), which can cause contamination to fuel if left for extended periods of time. The Portapump will filter contaminated fuel to 5 microns solids, and 2 parts per million water.

This means fuel drums or containers with contaminated fuel, or fuel that would normally require a settling period after transportation to allow fuel/water to separate, can be pumped immediately saving time and money.

“…refuelling from multiple 45 gallon drums of Jet A1, a total of 9 round trips were made over an amazing 11 hour period…”

Even fuel drained from aircraft, vehicles or commercial plant machinery that would otherwise be discarded can safely be re-used once passed though the Portapump. The excess water is drained away via an external tap.

At the heart of the Portapump is a powerful 24V DC – 28V DC motor direct coupled to a high-speed pump with phosphor bronze sliding vanes. The pump is fitted with a thermal shutdown feature to protect against over heating, and is fully serviceable ensuring many years of use.

The Everett Aviation BK117 C-1

The Everett Aviation BK117 C-1 was re-fuelled 9 times from 45 gallon drums during the challenging exercise

One customer that appreciates the reliability and fast filtered fuel delivery of the Portapump is Kenya based Everett Aviation who were able to complete a monthly transfer operation of crew members from a moving survey vessel more than 100 miles off the East African coast.

Refuelling from multiple 45 gallon drums of Jet A1, each fuel uplift of 450 litres was completed in 5 minutes. A total of 9 round trips were made over an amazing 11 hour period during which the helicopter’s turbines were never shut down.

“…the latest batch of Portapumps are being assembled to be sent out to the most remote locations…”

An impressed Simon Everett, (Managing Director), commented:

“Any compounded delay in fuelling could caused major logistical problems. The operation had to be meticulously planned with fuel drums, men, vehicles at the ready. With each round trip covering 200 miles over water, nothing was left to chance. Successfully air lifting a total of 138 men and their personal kit in nine round trips – and landing on a moving vessel – demanded the highest skills. The whole operation was a tribute to my crew’s professionalism and to the equipment we operate.”

Powervamp TV thumbnail

The Portapump assembly video is now available on the Powervamp TV and YouTube channel

As the latest batch of Portapumps are being assembled to be sent out to the most remote locations, Electromechanical Technician ,Dave Catling, from the DC Assembly Team took time out to document the build process for the latest video to be uploaded to the Powervamp TV channel.

For more information on the Portapump please contact the sales team at info@powevamp.com

or call our UK head office on +44 (0) 1934 643000.

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