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HeliService International GmbH was founded in 1987 as a helicopter service agent in Egelsbach, Germany. The company initially facilitated rescue flights, passenger and cargo transportation, helicopter pilot training and maintenance support.

However, in 2006 the company decided to focus solely on offshore supply flights to include – passenger and cargo transportation to and from offshore wind farms, research and erection vessels, and helicopter hoist operations.  Today HeliService operates from its new facility in Bremerhaven as well as its head office at Emden Airfield, North Germany.

“…the engineer travelled to Hamburg before commencing the 3hr drive to Emden…”

HeliService recently took delivery of a Powervamp 28V DC TRU2400-2 ground power unit (GPU), which is being used at the end of each day to perform turbine compressor washes on their Agusta Westland AW139 and AW169 helicopters before being put into storage overnight.

Powervamp HeliService - Head Office

The head office based at Emden Airfield is a short distance away from the wind farms that the company regularly fly to.

HeliService made contact with the Powervamp Service Department when a circuit breaker on their Augusta AW139 helicopter began tripping during the end of day turbine washes whilst connected to the Powervamp TRU.

Unable to diagnose the fault over the phone, it was decided that a Systems Engineer from the Powervamp R&D department should be sent to Germany to witness the issue first hand.

“…with a hard drive full of data, it was time to return to the UK to work on a solution…”

‘The engineer travelled to Hamburg where they were met by the Powervamp regional distributor, (who would also assist in the technical translation), before commencing the 3hr drive to Emden.

Helicopter and Powervamp product

The TRU2400-2 was rigorously tested using using an oscilloscope to understand why the AW139 circuit breaker was tripping.

Once on site the situation was replicated a number of times and analysed using an oscilloscope to understand the electronic waveform, and at what point the circuit breaker was being triggered.

With a hard drive full of data, it was time to return to the UK to work on a solution – but not before a Coolspool 410 DC battery cart had been left with HeliService to allow them to continue their daily operations without issue.

“…(HeliService) were particularly impressed with the level of customer service and commitment offered by Powervamp…”

Once back in the UK the captured information was used to replicate the situation in a controlled environment and the Powervamp R&D Department worked to develop a solution.

After trying a number of different approaches, the best solution was found which involved internal wiring modifications and a bespoke PCB firmware upgrade designed specifically for the AW139 and AW169 helicopters.

Powervamp Coolspool 410 - Used on Helicopter

A Coolspool 410 GPU was loaned to the customer whilst a solution was found – all part of the Powervamp customer service.

With the Powervamp R&D team satisfied that the issue had been resolved, the Systems Engineer returned to Germany, again with the regional distributor, to try out the fix on the AW139. Some additional modifications were made on-site to fine tune the TRUs behaviour, and to ensure its characteristics worked flawlessly with the helicopters sensitive electronics.

HeliService expressed their gratitude stating they were particularly impressed with the level of customer service and commitment offered by Powervamp to understand and overcome the unusual circuit breaker issue – particularly as the issue was with the helicopter and not the ground support equipment.

Powervamp has built its reputation for customer service by taking a holistic approach to understand, and appreciate, the surrounding influences that can often effect and account for an issue that wasn’t necessary the customers fault.  By understanding the route cause of a fault, and by working with the customer to find a resolution, Powervamp has gained not only the trust off the customer, but often enjoys repeat business as a direct result of this apprcoach.

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