Powervamp Power = Volts X Amps

Ever wondered how the Powervamp brand, product lines and subsequent market domination all started?

Well read on…

Powervamp Ltd, (the name is derived from power = volts x amps), was formed by Richard Roller in 1993 and incorporated in 1994. Initially building a range of portable jump start packs for starting cars, buses and trucks, the company pioneered the first stainless steel, portable battery pack for starting helicopter turbines, and went on to develop a range of stainless steel packs for aircraft and vehicle starting.

Key to the company’s success and expansion was the extensive “hands-on” field testing and product development carried out by the company founder and by Powervamp engineers resulting in the development of equipment to meet the needs of today’s aircraft. At the same time Powervamp’s design team built a wealth of technical knowledge unique to the company. This hands on testing has given Powervamp a practical and technological edge over its competitors.

“…this award winning 28V DC product range is now in daily use…”

Having designed its highly successfully range of portable piston engine and turbine starting packsthe company identified the need for a miniaturised continuous, 28V DC power supply to allow police helicopter crews to train on camera and thermal imaging systems at minimal cost while on the ground.

Powervamp all jump packs

With Powervamps world wide reputation for reliable portable GPUs, (ground power units), and continuous power supplies, sales grew with the company relocating in 1997 to its present head office in Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, UK.

Combining its electronic design expertise and harnessing its huge worldwide customer base, the company developed a range of new products that complemented its original products. Selected by multiple armed forces as the perfect portable unit for starting armoured vehicles, helicopters and DC aircraft, Powervamp’s GPUs have proved themselves in both civil and military use where performance and reliability are essential.

“…acquisition of Effekta UK Ltd enabled Powervamp to become a major manufacturer of advanced aircraft converters…”

With the aviation industry becoming increasingly more pollution conscious, the company developed its unique heavy duty zero emission battery cart for regional airlines operating large DC aircraft on scheduled services. This award winning, unique 28V DC product range marketed under Powervamp’s ‘Coolspool’ brand is now in daily use in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East, South America, Far East and Australia.

Powervamp Head Office

The acquisition of Effekta UK Ltd in 2012, (a specialist company in advanced power electronics), enabled Powervamp to become a major manufacturer of advanced solid state aircraft converters to the aviation industry. The acquisition also gave Powervamp access to a range of in-house designed central battery systems required by law to be installed in any public, or industrial building.

A programme of heavy investment in product development resulted in a winning design of modular solid state converter. Price and features have been responsible for multiple orders being placed by Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, London City and Heathrow airports and numerous FBO as well as direct with major airlines for hangar installations.

“…no other manufacturer in the world has the product range, rental fleet or technically experienced team…”

The company has grown to become a recognised supplier to the world’s major airports and Airlines. It owns its main premises and employs a large team of CAD and software engineers that continue to develop state of the art equipment including aircraft static inverters and highly sophisticated emergency lighting systems for large public areas such as shopping malls, sports stadiums and airport concourses.

 Coolspool Hybrid

Customers benefit from the fact that the company controls all aspects of production from software design to product support. It can therefor guarantee spares continuity, which is supported by a service department that does not rely on external support, third party software or contracted engineers.

The company’s products are in use in more than 65 countries with installation, training and support around the world provided by Powervamp’s own service team and trained engineers from its distributor network.

Uniquely, Powervamp is both a manufacturer and a service provider, being responsible for supplying all the ground power, with technical support, at major air shows such as the International Paris Air show and Farnborough Air show. No other manufacturer in the world has the product range, rental fleet and technically experienced team to provide this demanding service and highly specialised support to all the world’s major airframe manufacturers.

As the company moves into its 25th year of operation, the relentless product development, exploration of new opportunities and continued company expansion will ensure Powervamp is well placed to embrace the next 25 years.

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