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Powervamp – company history

Powervamp Ltd, (the name is derived from power =volts x Amps), was formed by Chairman Richard Roller in 1993. Initially building a range of portable packs for starting cars, buses and trucks, it pioneered the first stainless steel, portable battery pack for starting helicopter turbines, and went on to develop a range of stainless steel packs for aircraft and vehicle starting.

Key to its product success was the extensive “hands-on” trials, field testing and development.  Continual operational use of the products by the company founder and by Powervamp engineers resulted in a wealth of technical knowledge unique to the company. Such in-depth knowledge continues to give Powervamp a huge technological edge over claimed competitors.

Having launched its highly successfully range of portable piston engine and turbine starting packs, the company identified a new and urgent product need.

The introduction of police helicopter units created an immediate need for continuous, 28v DC power to allow helicopter crews to train on new camera and thermal imaging systems without the aircraft having to be airborne. Powervamp’s subsequent development of the first miniature, 40 amp, 28volt DC, switch mode power supply – able to operate from a domestic supply – was an instant success.

With Powervamp products recognised as the preferred solution for reliable starting and continuous power needs, sales grew and the product range expanded forcing the company to relocate in 1997 to Weston-Super-Mare, near Bristol, UK, where it now has three sites.

Using its battery knowledge, workforce and electronic skills, and harnessing its huge worldwide customer base, the company has been able to offer a synergy of products and services that complement its original products.

It now has various major UK contracts with off shore helicopter operators, the British MOD, bus and coach companies, Airlines and maintenance operators

The company’s product portfolio includes

It supplies Racing Battery through a separate division and through the Air Show Ground Support business has year round international commitments. Between them, they give stability, versatility, a spread of risk and increased financial strength.

The company has grown to become financially strong, owning its main premises. It has in house CAD, electronic design and assembly capability, and also owns a massive inventory of rental equipment for Air show support or short term hire.

This includes many tonnes of cabling, a large fleet of heavy Duty 3 phase Air coolers, DC and AC aircraft power equipment and its own truck and van fleet.

Operating through five individual profit centres and fully ISO 9001:2008 accredited, Powervamp can offer its customers a bespoke solution to a complex power problem or an off-the-shelf range of standard products.

The company offers special support services around the world using its own engineers, qualified agents and distributors, depending on the requirement.

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