Powervamp launch new GPU fast charger

Small size and low weight are critical requirements for hand-portable aircraft start units, which is why the Powervamp GPU 1700 and GPU 2400 portable aircraft start units have been so successful over the last 24 years of production.

The range is in daily use with numerous civil and military organisations around the world because of its tough, corrosion resistant, all stainless steel case designed for use in extreme environments where regular turbine starting is required.

To ensure the overall footprint is kept as small as possible the GPU1700 and GPU2400 models are fitted with dual internal emergency chargers.  These mini chargers will re-charge both batteries independently at a maximum of 2.3A and are designed to be used over an extended time period – over night for example.

Powervamp launch new GPU fast charger

The 24v, 10a GPU Fast Charger is ideal for the GPU1700 & GPU2400 models

However, there are times when an expedited charge cycle is required with these GPUs.  Frequent users of these Powervamp GPUs, who still wish to retain the essential benefits of mobility or hand-portability should consider the new optional GPU Fast Charger.

The Powervamp GPU Fast Charger is designed to re–charge the GPU 1700, GPU 1700 Twin, GPU 2400 and GPU 2400 Twin units quickly and safely whilst also optimising the batteries for maximum longevity.

Powervamp launch the new GPU fast charger

The microprocessor 3-step charge cycle ensures all batteries are optimised for longevity during the charge process

These 20a microprocessor controlled fast chargers include a 3-stage step charge control with a low current start up and battery recovery feature.  Each charger is also fitted with reverse polarity, short circuit protection and temperature controlled compensation and its unaffected by voltage fluctuations from the input voltage.

We’re experts in aviation power solutions and can answer technical questions including what is a static frequency converter or how GPU systems work.

For more information on the Fast Charger, please download the data sheet by clicking the button below.
If you wish to discuss the GPU Fast Charger call the Powervamp sales office on (0)1934 643000.


NOTE – when frequently charging the GPU 1700 Twin or GPU 2400 Twin aircraft start units,
it is recommended that 2 individual chargers are used.
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