Reflecting a gradual move to build up its presence in the business aviation market, Adams Aviation, one of Europe’s biggest distributors of aircraft parts, has renewed and strengthened its relationship with Powervamp Ltd, the leading UK-based ground power unit manufacturer.

Under the agreement between the two companies, Adams Aviation is able to distribute the full range of Powervamp aviation equipment to customers in Britain and across mainland Europe.

“Powervamp are now the go-to people for this kind of equipment…”

According to Adams’ chief executive, Stephen Gosling: “Having built up a major presence in the general aviation market, which tends to mean piston-engined aircraft, we are now finding growing interest among operators of turboprop and business jets.

The Adams Aviation team celebrating 50 years in the aviation trade supplier market.

“Powervamp are very good at this. We’ve worked with them for twenty years, and have found their ground power range robust and sophisticated. It’s well suited to running the more complicated avionics of these larger aircraft.”

He adds: “Powervamp are now the go-to people for this kind of equipment. Their commitment and responsiveness are second to none, and their products stand head and shoulders above the competition.”

“…avionics companies find the Powervamp GPU range extremely useful as they tend to have more planes per hangar than small aircraft operators…”

Adams Aviation was founded fifty years ago, and now distributes an extensive and diverse range of parts and equipment for many makes and types of aircraft and helicopters. These include airframe, electrical, engine and avionics parts and accessories, along with tools, engineers’ equipment, lubricants, paints and chemicals.

The purpose built facility has been home to the expanding Adams Aviation for the last 18 years.

Key products offered from the Powervamp range include its battery-based Coolspool hand-portable and trolley-mounted GPUs (ground power units), its power supply range and its Portapump portable fuel pump. Powervamp items not held in Adams’ extensive warehouse, such as its large 400Hz AC frequency converters, can be supplied by direct referral to Powervamp.

“…these days the industry is becoming much more professional, and companies like Powervamp are helping to lead that charge…”

Stephen Gosling says: “Electrical ground power is a growing market for us. Often the driver for our customers is a campaign change in aircraft specifications – the move to glass cockpits, for instance. Sometimes these changes come in response to a mandate applying to para-public fleets used in surveillance or rescue operations. During maintenance, conversion work and testing, reliable ground power is essential.”

He says avionics companies are finding the Powervamp GPU range extremely useful. “They tend to have more planes per hangar than small aircraft operators.”

Powervamp DC products are often used by avionics companies to facilitate software upgrades.

He says that historically, small aircraft operators used time-expired automotive batteries for ground power. “Back in the day, that’s what everyone did, and you can see remnants of that approach even now. But these days the industry is becoming much more professional, and companies like Powervamp are helping to lead that charge.”

Although UK-based, Adams Aviation has a large multi-lingual sales team, which includes French, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Polish speakers. Although there are local aircraft parts distributors in many countries, Adams’ large product range and fast response have ensured that the company has flourished in international markets.

Adams Aviation multilingual sales team ensure the company can conduct business in any continent.

Powervamp was founded 24 years ago, growing steadily from its original automotive jump-starting range into aviation ground power and emergency lighting power. Its head office and automotive division are based in Weston-super-Mare whilst its large production facility is located in Luton.

Adams Aviation was founded in 1968, and for most of its existence has been a family-run business. It is based at New Addington, Surrey.

You can contact Adams Aviation by calling +44 (0)1689 842999 or emailing

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