Powervamp feature in Bus and Coach buyer Magazine

The Powervamp automotive division was featured in a recent edition of ‘Bus and Coach Buyer‘ magazine. The company was contacted regarding an article on “Things to look out for when buying equipment for garages”.

The article explores various companies involved within the commercial vehicle sector to find out what advice should be given to fleet managers to allow them to select the most suitable equipment.

When Powervamp started in 1994 the company was solely focused on providing automotive jump start packs, however despite the company expanding into other market sectors such as aircraft static inverters, it still remains true to its roots.
Powervamp all battery jump starter

The Powervamp range of professional jump start packs

The following excerpts have been taken from the article…

“One item of equipment that becomes particularly handy during the colder months is a jump starter and Powervamp specialises in these products. A spokesperson from the company said: “When buying a jump starter, you need to consider the suitability for the task. There is no point buying a jump starter that will not start a bus or a coach, so operators should be looking for the pack that would suit their specific needs.

“…Powervamp’s battery jump starters are set apart from the rest by the battery quality…”

Operators of large fleets of PCVs would want to look at the capacity of the jump starter to ensure they are able to jump start multiple vehicles before having to recharge the unit. Along with this, you would want to ensure that the pack is portable to enable operators to move from bus to bus or coach to coach to enable jump starting easily.”

Powervamp Nato200 Twin

The NATO 200 twin pack is designed to multi-start large commercial engines on a daily basis

“Aftermarket care is another considering factor when selecting a jump starter, as they can often be left in depots and potentially receive knocks resulting in damage. This is where the repair and servicing of the unit is key.

Powervamp units, when looked after and serviced, can last years; we still get units into the repair centre that were bought over 20 years ago. Powervamp’s service and repair team can offer a high-quality service to ensure that operators are not left without battery jump starters in a time of need.”

“…the service and repair team has a vast amount of hands-on experience…”

“Powervamp’s battery jump starters are set apart from the rest by the battery quality. Within the Powervamp jump starters are high capacity EnerSys batteries engineered with thin plate pure lead technology, delivering high cold-cranking amps capable of starting buses and coaches.”

“A combination of the high-quality components and British build make Powervamp battery jump starters stand out from the rest within the market. In addition, the service and repair team has a vast amount of hands-on experience to ensure that units are serviced properly and to the highest standard.”


The Nato 200 is relied upon in numerous other sectors including, commercial vehicle, plant and recovery organisations

“Coach and bus companies often have specific connectors for attaching a jump starter to a vehicle, and/or bespoke requirements for the connection system they want to use. Powervamp has the experience and expertise to provide both.”

For more information on any Powervamp automotive product or service, please contact our UK distributor, Alliance Electronics, on 0114 2477041, alternatively you can email sales@allianceelectronics.co.uk

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