Powervamp Coolspool 260

In one of the biggest single orders for Powervamp’s Coolspool range to date, the company is to supply 100 x Coolspool 260 battery ramp carts to the UK’s largest military organisation.

The carts will be deployed at airforce and naval bases around Britain and at selected UK bases around the world. They will be used to provide ground power for DC aircraft and helicopters such as the AgustaWestland Wildcat and the Britten-Norman Islander and Defender.

“..suitable for a wide range of applications requiring capacity for frequent starts, compressor washes or avionics use…”

Powervamp’s 28V DC Coolspool ramp carts are designed to replace diesel GPUs or fixed and semi-mobile transformer rectifier units (TRUs). These large, new generation, powerful, heavy-duty battery carts provide a combination of instant high amperage with pure DC wave form and full mobility, low initial investment and extremely low operating costs.

Powervamp Coolspool 260

The Coolspool 260 was initially trialled on the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from small corporate jet and medium size helicopter operators and FBOs to large fleet operators or FBOs supporting multiple DC business aircraft and requiring more capacity for frequent starts, compressor washes or avionics use.

A combination of high-discharge maintenance-free AGM batteries, are connected in series to provide 130 Ah capacity. A second set of batteries is added in series to double the capacity to 260Ah.  Due to the sensitive FADEC, (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), safety software installed on certain aircraft, two versions of the Coolspool are available – 26V DC and 28V DC.

“…the new generation ramp carts (were trialled) inside various aircraft types, checking for ground clearances and stowage…”

FADEC is a system consisting of a digital computer, called an electronic engine controller (EEC) or engine control unit (ECU), and its related accessories control all aspects of aircraft engine performance – including starting.

Typically the Coolspool units will be recharged at night or during other quiet times and used to service and start each aircraft as required. The batteries suffer no “memory effect” problems, so will accept a ‘top-up’ charge at any time.

Powervamp Coolspool 260

First Coolspool ramp carts, now in their military colours, are prepared for despatch

The Coolspool carts being supplied are built largely to standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) specification, but have some modifications to suit air transport and operations in a saline environment. They are able to operate at a temperature range of -30℃ to +50℃.

“.. the Coolspool range is a real alternative and is set to become a game changer within the world of GSE…”

The tri-service Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) at Brize Norton trialled the new generation ramp carts inside various aircraft types, checking for ground clearances and stowage to allow safe operations with different ramp configurations and tie-down points, as well as conducting “fording” tests. A handbrake was also installed to allow safe operation in the vicinity of aircraft.

Powervamp Coolspool 260

Powervamp Coolspool carts are in use with a growing number of worldwide FBOs, prove the days of the smoky diesel GPU are numbered

The military organisation specification required easy access via panels to all parts and systems requiring periodic inspection or preventive maintenance and although usually coloured yellow, for this contract the Coolspool units will be powder-coated in MOD green.

This recent order is just another in a succession of high profile procurements of the Coolspool DC carts and underlines a shift in the ethos surrounding GSE equipment and the need to consider a ‘green’ alternative to what was considered the industry standard – the diesel GPU.  The benefits of the DC battery carts, including the greatly reduced running costs, make the Coolspool range a real alternative and is set to become a game changer within the world of GSE.


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